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2023 Marshwood Youth Lacrosse (MYL) Program Information

Experience Required?-  No experience is required to play lacrosse at any age level.  Some of the top professional lacrosse players did not begin playing lacrosse until they were teenagers!

NEW!!! In-House Programming-  This season we will be offering in-house beginner lacrosse programming. This programming will be a skills based low commitment, low investment opportunity for preschool and Kindergarten aged children in our community to give lacrosse a try.  The program will run on average once weekly on a consistent weekday and time.  This program cost to MYL will be FREE for 2023.  There will be costs associated with USA Lacrosse Registration, a program T-Shirt and likely equipment.  This program will be offered during similar timeframes as the regular youth travel season. The primary schedule will occur from mid-April through mid-June.  We are working on indoor skills session scheduling that will start after February vacation week.  It has not been determined at what periodicity sessions will occur, likely, weekly or biweekly on Saturdays or Sundays until the start of the season.

Youth Travel Teams-  MYL will field youth program teams for boys and girls grouped by gender and then grade pairings. We plan to field at least one team at each age group that will be paired together by grade as follows: 1st and 2nd grades, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th.

Youth Travel Program Cost- Program cost is $80. In addition all players must register with USA Lacrosse, the registration fee is paid directly to USA Lacrosse. You will not be able to complete your MYL registration if your player’s expiration date for USA Lacrosse is earlier than 7/1/22.  You can register by visiting

Uniforms-  Game jerseys and shorts are required.  Practice pinnies are recommended.  Shooter shirts (Normally worn under pads) are optional. Uniforms can be reused from previous seasons. Uniforms are an additional cost.  A uniform store will be opened and disseminated to families for ordering in early Spring.

Season- The lacrosse season runs from mid-April to mid-June, with some indoor skills practices being offered weekly starting in February.

Practices-  MYL teams, pending weather related cancellations, are scheduled for 18 in-season practices.  Practices will mostly be conducted on a consistent day and time twice per week.  Practice schedules will be developed in late February. 

Games-  Teams will be scheduled for approximately 8-10 games.  They will play teams from both Maine and New Hampshire. 

Program Payment Options-  Payment in full is expected at time of registration.  We understand this may be a strain for some families.  Scholarships and/or payment plans are available.  Please email to discuss either. Privacy regarding the nature of scholarships will be ensured.

RegistrationOpen 12/5/22-2/1/23.  We intend to begin indoor skills practices after February Vacation.

Equipment- All equipment must meet USA Lacrosse standards.  Those standards can be found at

Girl players will be required to have a stick, mouth guard, goggles, and cleats.  Gloves and headgear are optional.

Boy players will be required to have a stick, mouth guard, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, jock and cleats.  NOTE:  Requirements for shoulder pads have changed.  Effective January 1, 2022 all shoulder pads must be NOCSAE ND 200 compliant.

Dick’s Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports are two local options for lacrosse gear in our area.  This year our stock is limited due to requirement changes.  Goalie equipment is provided to each team for use during the season.

We have also partnered with Stringking lacrosse to offer member exclusive discounts on Stringking products.  Please email to request a member invite for access to discounted Stringking products.

Middle School Players - MYL will not field 7th/8th teams in 2023. These teams will be run through Marshwood Middle School. MYL will serve as the booster and funding entity for these teams. A player booster fee will be associated with middle school lacrosse participation.

Coaching & Board Member Volunteering - This program needs to thrive on/live by the motto “many hands make light work”.  MYL is a non-profit organization that only survives through significant fundraising efforts and through volunteers.  We are in definite need of coaching help in our girls’ program and volunteers for fundraising and lining fields.  Coaching experience is not required to volunteer.  We need more coaches for the program in order to pass on the knowledge now before our more experienced coaches age out!  I am personally trying to streamline as many of the areas that we could use assistance in to help people in their ability to step up! 

Please email with questions. 


Parents and athletes need to manage their SportsEngine accounts to ensure they get the most out of their Marshwood Youth Lacrosse experience during each sporting season. With their accounts properly configured, athletes and their families will receive communications according to their preferences and be able to complete registrations more efficiently.  SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Parents and Athletes that will help our members with frequently asked questions about our website and mobile app.

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Here is your quick start guide to creating an account and using the SportsEngine platform as an athlete or parent.


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Adding an additional guardian

In many instances, more than one parent or guardian needs to be in the loop with a child's sports life. Using the mobile app, you can add additional guardians to an account. Guardians can 1) View games and events 2) RSVP to games and events 3) Send and receive messages to coaches and team members 4) participate in team chat

Adding a Mobile Phone

Once you've created your account, add your mobile phone so you can receive text messages from your team manager or coach.

Enabling Text Messaging

Now that you have your mobile phone on your account, make sure you enable text messaging and any other notifications.

Following a Team on the SportsEngine Mobile App

Are you a family friend, grandparent or fan that wants to follow a specific team on the SportsEngine platform? Here is a quick guide to follow teams on the mobile app.

Forwarding Athlete Messages

Do you need a second parent, other family member or nanny to get messages about schedule changes or game times? Add a second email address to forward all communications.

Sending a Message

Do you need to send a question to your team manager or another parent about a ride? Follow these instructions on how to send messages using the mobile app.

RSVP to Game or Event

Coaches and team managers need to know if you are going to able to attend a game or practice. You can easily RSVP using the mobile application.

Team Management Guide for Parents & Athletes

Is your team using SportsEngine Team Management to manage RSVPs, schedules, and communication? This article will provide you with everything you need to know for a successful season!

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